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Is this the Arctic Circle??!!

12 Mar

Yesterday was soooo cold and windy I was really not looking forward to walking Rudy and Rio after work! We had been having snow falls albeit minimal on and off all day. It hadn’t come to anything so there was no excuse not to get wrapped up and head out!! Well, apart from the fact it was quite hard to open the door against the wind which by then was almost gale force!!!

Little bit windy Rio??

Little bit windy Rio??

I got home and the dogs had been enjoying a snooze in the warm but soon the excitement hit fever pitch as usual when they realised we were off out!! So I started the daily chore of dressing in so many layers I look like a walking, talking Mummy!! It’s always hard to know exactly how cold it is so better to err on the side of caution! Trying to bend down to fasten my boots was interesting!! It reminded me of being pregnant but this time it was the clothes that were in the way!!

Anyway like intrepid Arctic explorers(!) we set off in the car. I decided to walk the other side of the hill as it’s more sheltered. I parked the car and struggled to open the door against afore mentioned wind and wrapped myself up as well as I could and we set off down the track. I can honestly say I have rarely been so cold or blown around!! The dogs set off like torpedos, ecstatic to be out running around and I trundled along hands stuffed deep into pockets, muttering to myself about the sense of this walk and how good I was to the dogs etc etc!!!

It turned out to be beautiful up there and by halfway round the walk my hands obliged and thawed out enough to get some feeling back into them!! The snow was still falling and in fact it looked more like tiny hail stones in the ground. The sun was shining and it really was lovely. It would have possibly been more lovely from inside sitting by a roaring fire but where’s the fun in that??!!

Hail stones

Hail stones

Towards the end of the walk we came across a field full of horses so giving them a wide berth we finished the walk by road. An old chap was putting his dogs back in his car and asked me what breed Rudy and Rio were. On telling him they were working cocker spaniels he said “No they aren’t!! My daughter has one and it’s half their size!!”. Hmm well that’s me told then!!!


Jack Frost…

16 Jan

The weather has been quite changeable over the last couple of weeks. After what feels like months of door to door rain we finally have colder frosty weather. I’m hopeful that means I won’t have 2 extremely wet and muddy dogs to contend with yet again!! I can’t count the amount of towels I have gone through in the past few months just to ensure my carpet remains cream and not paw printed in an interesting shade of brown!!!

I always think I have dried Rudy and Rio’s feet enough and if they walked through the house sedately it would probably be ok. But no, they charge through into the front room when I say they can as if they have been caged for a fortnight!! Everything it seems is SO exciting to them and the faster they can run the better!!!

So a deep breath is taken (me) and ever decreasing circles are run ( them) and I try to ignore the mud ’til later and it has dried and can be hoovered up. I figure there is no point raising my blood pressure to boiling point and really they can’t possibly know the trauma to my eyes!!

I walked with Sue and 2 of her dogs, Tallulah and Princess ( Yeah I know!!!) yesterday and we had had a sharp overnight frost that had yet to melt on the hill so it made for a very beautiful and picturesque walk. It was slippery in places but Sue and I managed to stay upright even with Tallulah trying her best to wrong foot Sue!!!

We came across patches of snow/ice which Rudy decided he wanted to slide along bodily!! He would scratch at the surface then launch himself down and skid like a child!! Princess ventured toward him wondering why this crazy dog would want to get any colder and decided against following his example!!

It was a lovely walk which we wanted to prolong but alas work commitments ruled that out so with regret we got back in our cars and left!!

” Dear dog walkers of Britain”…

13 Dec

I can have a day off today!!! This AMAZING poem has been written by my good friend Cath. I think it really sums up what we all feel about our Canine companions!!! Please enjoy it and feel free to share it if you think it’s as clever as I do!!!

Dear dog walkers of Britain

You deserve some recognition

For morning noon and night you go

In wind and rain and hail and snow

O good a drop of rain!!

O good a drop of rain!!

Up on the hills out on the streets

With your many different breeds

Running free or on their leads

King Charles Spaniels, Collies, Corgis

Labradoodles, Westies, Yorkies

Greyhounds, Whippets, Bulldogs, Mastiffs

Every one of them fantastic

Pugs, Poodles, Patterdales

Muddy paws and waggy tails

At heel beside you, obedient

Or eager pulling out in front

The big pull!!

The big pull!!

In lashing rain or driving snow

For the love of your dogs out you go

Beagles, Bassetts, Bichon Frise

For them you gladly get soaked and freeze

Mile upon mile each week you walk

And know if only they could talk

How much they’d thank you for what you do

Your dogs they mean the world to you

Springers, Sprockers, Sharpes, Cockers

Just plain wrong!!!

Just plain wrong!!!

Scruffies, toughies, Heniz 57’s

All the different types of terriers

Dobermans, Danes, Dalmations, Daschunds

Big ones, small ones, handbag fashions

Labradors, Afghans, Rotties, Scotties

Black ones brown ones those with spotties

Long haired, short haired, great and small

We love them all!

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