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Wake up sleepy head!!

1 Feb

Even Rudy and Rio have their tired times..admittedly not many and the sound of their leads being taken off the rack can render them thoroughly over excited in a nano second..but they do settle down nicely in the evenings, usually both desperately trying to lie by me.



We usually play musical chairs most evenings!! I sit on one sofa ..there are 2.. and Rudy immediately jumps up twirls round a few times then lies down against me with a huge satisfied groan. Rio has to make do with sitting at my feet refusing to let me stop stroking him til I feel my arm will drop off!!

Rudy jumps down to get a drink and Rio leaps into the vacated space and curls up quickly to try and put Rudy off. Hmm that doesn’t usually work and Rudy will just leap up and sit looking at Rio willing him to get down. If that doesn’t work he harumphs, sighs, looks pained and then curls up alongside or partially on top of Rio!!!

Bendy Lulu!!

Bendy Lulu!!

My friend Sue has 3 dogs as you know and hers have been equally tired lately as you can see!! Lulu seems to have a spine made of jelly!! She has to be the most bendy dog ever!!! We both allow our dogs on the sofas with us but it does come to something when I can’t move because I am squashed by a dog!!

Does everyone indulge their pooches so much or is it just us???!!!


Jack Frost…

16 Jan

The weather has been quite changeable over the last couple of weeks. After what feels like months of door to door rain we finally have colder frosty weather. I’m hopeful that means I won’t have 2 extremely wet and muddy dogs to contend with yet again!! I can’t count the amount of towels I have gone through in the past few months just to ensure my carpet remains cream and not paw printed in an interesting shade of brown!!!

I always think I have dried Rudy and Rio’s feet enough and if they walked through the house sedately it would probably be ok. But no, they charge through into the front room when I say they can as if they have been caged for a fortnight!! Everything it seems is SO exciting to them and the faster they can run the better!!!

So a deep breath is taken (me) and ever decreasing circles are run ( them) and I try to ignore the mud ’til later and it has dried and can be hoovered up. I figure there is no point raising my blood pressure to boiling point and really they can’t possibly know the trauma to my eyes!!

I walked with Sue and 2 of her dogs, Tallulah and Princess ( Yeah I know!!!) yesterday and we had had a sharp overnight frost that had yet to melt on the hill so it made for a very beautiful and picturesque walk. It was slippery in places but Sue and I managed to stay upright even with Tallulah trying her best to wrong foot Sue!!!

We came across patches of snow/ice which Rudy decided he wanted to slide along bodily!! He would scratch at the surface then launch himself down and skid like a child!! Princess ventured toward him wondering why this crazy dog would want to get any colder and decided against following his example!!

It was a lovely walk which we wanted to prolong but alas work commitments ruled that out so with regret we got back in our cars and left!!

Look who’s talking!!

2 Dec
Hmm is she calling us???

Hmm is she calling us???

We all know you are not meant to shout at your children and that they respond better to a calm voice and reason but sometimes it seems only a screech will do!!!  Well it appears the same is true for dogs!!

Calling them to you in a nice kind voice will usually work better than a bellow!!! However it’s hard to remember the basic rules when you see them heading towards potential danger or you have called them 3 times already and they have become deaf!!



My friend Sue has a recall issue with Lulu her Tibetan Terrier. She is not usually able to let Lulu off the lead to have a good run with other dogs because she wont come back when called!! Her ears twitch so you know she has heard you and sometimes she even stops to decide what she is going to do… you can almost see her brain working things out. ” Hmm I really want to carry on running through this field to chase the rabbit / play with Muffin and Princess / see how far I can get before I drop in a heap… but I can hear my Mum calling me.. Do I run to her or from her??!! She may have treats for me?? She may put me back on the lead!!” What a dilemma!!!

Anyway Sue has found an enclosed dog walking field near to where she lives and has taken the plunge lately and let Lulu off!! It has been a huge success and obviously it’s lovely for Sue to see her dogs having such fun, running around and playing with other dogs.

Until……. some pesky children had left the gate to the dog walking field ajar!!! Lulu and Princess were running off the lead and Sue probably saw the open gate at about the same time as Lulu did!!! It was a race against time now!!! Lulu spotted her escape route and went for it hotly pursued by Princess. Sue called them both…then called again and both ignored her. She shouted at Princess who then stopped in her tracks and came back. So now she just had to stop Lulu!!!

She shouted at her and saw Lulu do a half halt and think over her options ( see above!! ). Unfortunately she decided she would rather carry on and risk Sue’s wrath. After all she was already being shouted at so why come back?? Sue realised she needed to calm herself down and after a few deep breaths called her in her best sing song voice while reaching into her pocket for a treat.

And lo a miracle occurred!!! Well ok maybe not a miracle but Lulu turned and came running back to Sue, tail wagging , happy as could be!!

I think we have all  been in scary situations and reacted accordingly, then realised the shouting scared voice doesn’t encourage the dog to come back. In fact it probably scares them away!!!

I always take a whistle out on walks to call Rudy and Rio back as they run so far away from me on their travels!! It works well and saves using the “wrong” voice!! However I have found that you can actually blow your whistle in an angry way!!!!!! I have found this out twice this week whilst waiting for my little angels to come back!!! You can in fact grip said whistle between your clenched teeth and blow til u pop the button off your jeans!!! Yes really!!!

Lookey Likey Dogs

16 Nov

I’ve been thinking..sometimes you see someone walking their dog and the resemblance between dog and owner is amazing!! I’ve seen a short, squat, bald, chubby guy walking a short, squat, chubby Bulldog. They both had the same thick necks and determined stride and that ” Don’t mess with me” look.

It made me think of my dog owner friends and whether we choose dogs that reflect our looks and personality traits or are we just drawn to them??

Check out the length of those ears!

I can’t say I think I look like Rudy and Rio..after all my hair isn’t red/ginger and my ears aren’t ridiculously long!! Neither do my ribs show in a relaxed stance and unfortunately I don’t have endless energy!!

My friend Cath has a black lab called Fern. She is laid back, quiet and calm but has hidden depths…not sure that describes Cath aswell but there are some parallels.

Hidden depths???!!

Then there is Sue who has Lulu the Tibetan Terrier and Princess ( yeah I know!!) the Maltese Terrier. Lulu is quite fluffy and aloof while Princess is quite needy…hmm what does this tell us?

Sue’s husband Rich owns Muffin a Terrier cross. Muffin is very single minded and stubborn and a little scruffy. Rich is a little scruffy too ( Sorry Rich) and his  equivalent human traits have made him an extremely successful businessman!

Paola has the beautiful Crash a huge Dalmation. Crash is in a league of his own when it comes to dogged determination..especially when it comes to trying to relieve you of your dinner!! He is also elegant and graceful, he and Paola are very similar in that respect.

Crash look a like

And then there is my Mum. She has always had dogs and currently owns a Tibetan and a Miniature long haired Daschund. The Dachs, Crumpet, is getting on a bit now, he tires easily, is generally slower but don’t tell him he can’t do the same as he always has!!

So maybe there is something in the theory after all… is anyone you know the clone of their canine companion???

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