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Crash, bang, wallop!!!

28 Jan

Well it’s been a very “doggy” weekend!! Friday night saw our girli supper group meet up at Paola’s house. You may remember she has Crash the beautiful if huge Dalmation!! Crash is very friendly and delighted us all by joining the group and happily enjoying the various invitations to join us on the sofa!!! He is very “human” in his ways and sat listening to the laughter with a knowing look on his face!! I wonder what goes through our Canine Companions minds?

Crash look a like

Crash look a like

Do you think they get pleasure from seeing their masters or mistresses having fun?? Do they like seeing us laugh and chat and gesticulate wildly whilst making our point?? Do they frown as the wine flows?? Do they hanker after the food whilst hoping against hope that the cheese board will be laid just at their nose level?? This certainly happened friday and poor Crash was repeatedly directed away from the cheese!! He could easily have snatched the brie or whipped the stilton away but instead he just sort of subtley sniffed in the general direction, turned away and sighed!! Bless him!!

Then yesterday I walked with Fi and Dave and Digs. Cleeve Hill was mostly clear of snow by now with occasional hidden pockets that the dogs dived in without realising just how deep the drifts were!! Cue much struggling and legs paddling frantically to release themselves!! Where the snow has melted there are now huge lakes of water, most of these scattered across the golf course that snakes round the hill.

Rio charged into one of these lakes and soon found out it was deep so skirted around the edge!! Digs however didn’t see this so threw himself in and was completely submerged!! Totally!! As he came up for air his face was a picture!! He was soaked from head to toe but totally unperturbed, he just shook himself and ploughed back in again!!!

Before the thaw!!

Before the thaw!!

Even thou it was really cold and the wind was viscious we all agreed that walking up there with the dogs and the amazing far reaching views is good for the soul…and the hangover…and it never fails to lift your mood!!


Pleased to meet you!!!

14 Jan

Rudy, Rio and I have had some lovely sociable walks over the last couple of weeks!!! It made me realise yet again what social creatures us humans and our dogs are!!! Whether I walk with friends or alone it’s very rare for me to come home not having spoken to someone. All random strangers with one thing in common…a love of dogs of course!!!

I walked with my friends Fi and Jan last weekend and I don’t think we stopped talking for the entire walk, all 3 hours of it!!! You may remember Fi and her husband Dave have Digs their young Cocker spaniel so the 3 dogs had almost as much fun as us 3 humans!!! Jan is a seasoned Springer spaniel owner although she is currently “between” dogs due to work commitments so she dog shares with  whenever she can.

Rio, Rudy and Digs

Rio, Rudy and Digs

We slipped and slid our way round Cleeve Hill and ended up screaming with laughter at the weird , wacky walks we have attempted in the past!!! Jan recounted a horror story of a walk she once took with her long suffering hubby and their dog Rolls. She recalled they had undertaken a hilly walk and had been on the go for several hours when the terrain suddenly became almost unmanageable!! So steep and rocky that they both ended up crawling up the bank gripping the sliding rocks with their bare hands, nails breaking and much blaspheming colouring the air!!

They finally reached the summit but before they could make the last scramble to safety they heard hushed voices and Jan looked up to see a family walking along the top of the hill, on the proper path, on the level, no stony crags to scale, no sweaty brows, all walking sedately along and wondering , whispering, why these 2 crazy people had chosen to climb the hill almost vertically without mountaineering gear and safety ropes and hadn’t just taken the clearly marked footpath like everyone else!!!!!

I'm sure the sign pointed this way!!

I’m sure the sign pointed this way!!

We all had a good laugh at Jan’s expense and to this day she still doesn’t have a decent explanation!!! Obviousy I can’t say anything as I am a frequent faller!! It doesn’t matter what the terrain, weather or anything else I can fall over / trip / slide down banks / catch my foot on a fence…the list is endless and can be extremely embarrassing but hey I’m hoping no one recognises me in my DWU!!!!

Xmas Presents…

27 Dec

I’m sure we can all heave a huge sigh of relief that Christmas has been and almost gone again!!! Don’t get me wrong I have had a fab time seeing family and friends and being home with Rudy and Rio more.  Our whole family got together on Christmas Day to celebrate, including friends and it was lovely!! Much laughter filled the air while we all consumed our body weight..or so it seemed!!…in turkey with all the trimmings followed by 2 puddings!!! Both chocolate and both delicious!!

After that feast we all fell on the sofa to snooze it off but more presents had to be opened first!!! My Mum’s dog was given the wrapping paper shredding job but sadly he was not impressed with the challenge!!! Rudy and Rio were at home…alone…it was raining all day and 4 dogs running around was not ever going to end well!!! We came home around tea time and as expected they were like speeding bullets coming out of the kitchen to greet us all!!!

We had done a long walk over Cleeve Hill in the morning so I didn’t feel too bad leaving them and I really don’t think they grasped the significance of the day except the added bonus of turkey with their dinner which disappeared at record speed!!!

My Xmas Present

My Xmas Present

My daughter had told me several times I would really, really LOVE my present from her so I knew it had something to do with Rudy and Rio!!!  Sad I know, but true!!! Anyhow she was right..I do LOVE it!!! She had a friend paint Rudy and Rio from a photo I had taken and it’s amazing!! So lifelike and she has captured them both brilliantly, especially Rudy who is looking away from camera slightly, just to prove the point that me asking him to sit and wait is SO boring!!! I’m surprised he didn’t throw in a cursory yawn just for good measure!!!

The dogs have enjoyed some longer walks during the holidays and we have bumped into so many other dogs it has been lovely. The weather has been atrocious with almost constant rain but when u are sitting inside with your friends and family, sharing good food and plenty of wine, who cares??!!

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