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Crash, bang, wallop!!!

28 Jan

Well it’s been a very “doggy” weekend!! Friday night saw our girli supper group meet up at Paola’s house. You may remember she has Crash the beautiful if huge Dalmation!! Crash is very friendly and delighted us all by joining the group and happily enjoying the various invitations to join us on the sofa!!! He is very “human” in his ways and sat listening to the laughter with a knowing look on his face!! I wonder what goes through our Canine Companions minds?

Crash look a like

Crash look a like

Do you think they get pleasure from seeing their masters or mistresses having fun?? Do they like seeing us laugh and chat and gesticulate wildly whilst making our point?? Do they frown as the wine flows?? Do they hanker after the food whilst hoping against hope that the cheese board will be laid just at their nose level?? This certainly happened friday and poor Crash was repeatedly directed away from the cheese!! He could easily have snatched the brie or whipped the stilton away but instead he just sort of subtley sniffed in the general direction, turned away and sighed!! Bless him!!

Then yesterday I walked with Fi and Dave and Digs. Cleeve Hill was mostly clear of snow by now with occasional hidden pockets that the dogs dived in without realising just how deep the drifts were!! Cue much struggling and legs paddling frantically to release themselves!! Where the snow has melted there are now huge lakes of water, most of these scattered across the golf course that snakes round the hill.

Rio charged into one of these lakes and soon found out it was deep so skirted around the edge!! Digs however didn’t see this so threw himself in and was completely submerged!! Totally!! As he came up for air his face was a picture!! He was soaked from head to toe but totally unperturbed, he just shook himself and ploughed back in again!!!

Before the thaw!!

Before the thaw!!

Even thou it was really cold and the wind was viscious we all agreed that walking up there with the dogs and the amazing far reaching views is good for the soul…and the hangover…and it never fails to lift your mood!!


Happy New Year!!!!

1 Jan

After an amazing night with my close friends seeing in the New Year eating, drinking and dancing, this morning

New Year's day

New Year’s day

surprisingly found me without a headache and even more surprisingly the sun was shining!!!  Yes you read that right. the sun was shining!!!!!!! Wow is this the weather we can expect from the new year?? No rain for a whole day???

My friend Paola wanted to walk too so we arranged to meet on the hill. Me with Rudy and Rio and Paola with Crash the beautiful Dalmation. As I drove up the lane toward the car park I was slightly concerned to see the amount of cars everywhere!!! Hmm these fair weather walkers!!! I didn’t think I was going to find anywhere to park, Rudy was jumping up with his paws on the back seat eager to be free and Rio was whining incessantly!!!

I finally found a space and we got out of the car and set off to meet Paola. The hill was swarming with hundreds of people, those in the distance looking like tiny ants against the vast backdrop of the hill. It was an absolutely stunning day, the sky was blue and the sun shining!! Joy!! After weeks of constant rain and gale force wind today reminded me how much I love being out in the fresh air walking the dogs. Simple things I guess!!

I lost count of the amount of dogs we saw and Crash, Rudy and Rio got on really well, running around together and meeting and greeting all their new friends. I’m used to my 2 running off miles away from me and I can be (fairly) sure they will always find me and come back…after all they know who feeds them !!! Crash it seems likes to cover the ground too and because he is so big he runs like a racehorse!!!

At one point on the walk we turned and saw Crash fairly close behind us playing with another dog so we carried on walking. Literally about 2 minutes later we looked and he was nowhere to be seen!!!! We were on the flat part of the hill on the top so we could see for miles but there was no sign of him at all!!! We waited a few minutes and decided that he would find his way back to us so we continued on our hike. It is a route Paola and Crash do very regularly so we weren’ t worried.

I think we walked for about another 10 or 15 minutes heading back towards the car and suddenly Paola shouted and there was Crash!!!! Running happily toward us, not concerned in the slightest, tail aloft looking happy as could be!!! Being of the same ilk Paola asked Crash where he had been and not getting a sensible answer we just let it go and all trundled on!!!

Sunny day at last and they bury their heads!!

Sunny day at last and they bury their heads!!

All in all it was a lovely walk and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadly it’s back to work tomorrow after a lovely long break and back to the frantic lunch time rush!!

” Dear dog walkers of Britain”…

13 Dec

I can have a day off today!!! This AMAZING poem has been written by my good friend Cath. I think it really sums up what we all feel about our Canine companions!!! Please enjoy it and feel free to share it if you think it’s as clever as I do!!!

Dear dog walkers of Britain

You deserve some recognition

For morning noon and night you go

In wind and rain and hail and snow

O good a drop of rain!!

O good a drop of rain!!

Up on the hills out on the streets

With your many different breeds

Running free or on their leads

King Charles Spaniels, Collies, Corgis

Labradoodles, Westies, Yorkies

Greyhounds, Whippets, Bulldogs, Mastiffs

Every one of them fantastic

Pugs, Poodles, Patterdales

Muddy paws and waggy tails

At heel beside you, obedient

Or eager pulling out in front

The big pull!!

The big pull!!

In lashing rain or driving snow

For the love of your dogs out you go

Beagles, Bassetts, Bichon Frise

For them you gladly get soaked and freeze

Mile upon mile each week you walk

And know if only they could talk

How much they’d thank you for what you do

Your dogs they mean the world to you

Springers, Sprockers, Sharpes, Cockers

Just plain wrong!!!

Just plain wrong!!!

Scruffies, toughies, Heniz 57’s

All the different types of terriers

Dobermans, Danes, Dalmations, Daschunds

Big ones, small ones, handbag fashions

Labradors, Afghans, Rotties, Scotties

Black ones brown ones those with spotties

Long haired, short haired, great and small

We love them all!

Lookey Likey Dogs

16 Nov

I’ve been thinking..sometimes you see someone walking their dog and the resemblance between dog and owner is amazing!! I’ve seen a short, squat, bald, chubby guy walking a short, squat, chubby Bulldog. They both had the same thick necks and determined stride and that ” Don’t mess with me” look.

It made me think of my dog owner friends and whether we choose dogs that reflect our looks and personality traits or are we just drawn to them??

Check out the length of those ears!

I can’t say I think I look like Rudy and Rio..after all my hair isn’t red/ginger and my ears aren’t ridiculously long!! Neither do my ribs show in a relaxed stance and unfortunately I don’t have endless energy!!

My friend Cath has a black lab called Fern. She is laid back, quiet and calm but has hidden depths…not sure that describes Cath aswell but there are some parallels.

Hidden depths???!!

Then there is Sue who has Lulu the Tibetan Terrier and Princess ( yeah I know!!) the Maltese Terrier. Lulu is quite fluffy and aloof while Princess is quite needy…hmm what does this tell us?

Sue’s husband Rich owns Muffin a Terrier cross. Muffin is very single minded and stubborn and a little scruffy. Rich is a little scruffy too ( Sorry Rich) and his  equivalent human traits have made him an extremely successful businessman!

Paola has the beautiful Crash a huge Dalmation. Crash is in a league of his own when it comes to dogged determination..especially when it comes to trying to relieve you of your dinner!! He is also elegant and graceful, he and Paola are very similar in that respect.

Crash look a like

And then there is my Mum. She has always had dogs and currently owns a Tibetan and a Miniature long haired Daschund. The Dachs, Crumpet, is getting on a bit now, he tires easily, is generally slower but don’t tell him he can’t do the same as he always has!!

So maybe there is something in the theory after all… is anyone you know the clone of their canine companion???

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