Double Trouble!!!!

3 Jan
Double trouble!!

Double trouble!!

Can anyone tell me why Rudy and Rio can walk angelically to heel, right by my side, not pulling, happily in sync with me….when they are separate?? Put them together and they turn into the gruesome twosome!!!!

They pull constantly and to the point I could scream with frustration!!! In fact the only time Rudy stops pulling is if he smells something on the breeze and slows down to try to locate it!!! If I make him walk closest to me with Rio on the outside he is better too.

Is it just a case of one upmanship??? Is it a testosterone thing?? You know…they are both male and have to prove themselves by being ahead of the other?? Whatever the reason it doesn’t make lead walking a pleasure usually!!! Don’t get me wrong if it is their 2nd walk of the day they will be calmer and less likely to make like a husky pulling a fully laden sled across the Antarctic!!!

I have tried walking them both on my left, side by side. I have tried walking them 1 each side of me, each option has it’s downfalls!!!  Namely the competition thing side by side and the fact that 1 will want to stop and pee but gets pulled over by the other who carries on walking!!! Or you get the simultaneous  double leg cocking scenario which more often than not results in one of them getting a damp patch on the head!!

Rio is a walking wanderer!!! He drives me crazy sometimes weaving around on the end of the lead sniffing all the time with his head close to the ground, not realising that my feet are in fact quite large and if he gets under them he will get squashed!!! Or I do that whole half halt manoeuvre. The one where I am happily strolling ( ok getting pulled ) along, minding my own business when Rio lunges across the path in front of me and I just know I am going to tread on him, so I lift that foot extra high and sort of propel it much further in front of me than planned and end up doing a sort of reverse limbo!!!

Not a pretty sight and definitely not good for the back!!! And when I berate him for my nearly slipping a disc, he just looks at me as if to say ” What?? What did I do?? Can’t you look where you are going??”. So we set off again with me chuntering and muttering under my breath and Rio jogging along, tail wagging happily completely oblivious to any hard feelings!!!

"What? What did I do??"

“What? What did I do??”


2 Responses to “Double Trouble!!!!”

  1. 2browndawgs January 3, 2013 at 12:12 pm #

    I think it is a competition thing. Have you tried a split lead? Some find that helpful to keep them together. I can walk the dogs together, (and as you know mine are large dogs), but it took a lot of training. I know some dogs fall into it quickly, but ours did not.

    • Jane Parry January 3, 2013 at 12:14 pm #

      Yeah I used to walk them on a split lead but that doesnt seem to help? It’s so frustrating as sometimes they walk together beautifully!!! And when I take them separately they are absolutely great, no pulling etc!!! You have made me feel better knowing you had to persevere too .

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