Doggy dilemna / Canine conundrum!!!

20 Dec

With the Christmas holidays almost upon us, I only have 1 more day at work til the New Year!! Hurrah, I can’t wait!!!! Woop woop 10 whole days off!!!!!

My first thought is that I get to spend more time walking Rudy and Rio instead of the usual daily grind of rush home from work at lunchtime, get changed into DWU , dashing off either up Cleeve Hill (where it is less wet and muddy) or around Winchcombe (where we all end up filthy!!!). Yes I will be able to indulge my hobby of walking. I wont have to rush. I wont have to keep one eye on my watch. I wont have to cut short a walk on a beautiful day when I want to admire the view. I will have time to stop and chat to other dog walkers. I will have more time to train Rudy and Rio without them realising. In general terms we will all be happy!!!

I realise we have to work to provide a home for ourselves and our families, but what I would love to achieve is doing a job that revolves round my passion…dogs.  Instead of sitting in an office looking out the window I would love to be out there doing something useful…I don’t even mind what it is as long as it has dogs at it’s centre!!!

There are so many dog related jobs I must be able to find one I can do!!! I mean there are dog walkers..not for the faint hearted.. I mean what if God forbid you lost one of your charges?? What if Rover ran off after another dog and just wouldn’t come back despite your best efforts!! How would you ever explain to the owner you went out with 5 dogs but only came home with 4???!!!!

What about dog grooming?? I mean I did train as a hairdresser earlier in life…how hard could it be???? Hmm having looked into it, it would seem it is quite hard after all!!! You certainly wouldn’t send little Precious in with a long, flowing coat only to have her sent back a skinhead!!!! Or with a mohican!!!! Or braids!!!

Dog sitting / doggie day care…Yes now this sounds more like it!!!  I have visions of arriving at Fido’s lovely house while his owners are at work and being greeted with a  happy dog, tail wagging, just waiting to be let out for a call of nature and a little game of ball throwing….Except I could turn up and find a “present” waiting, Fido not having been able to hold on for the extra few minutes that found me sitting behind a tractor on the country lane leading to his cottage…Lalala ,you can see how fantasy overtakes reality!!!

Hmm…so…back to the drawing board!!!! Someone must need a friendly, capable, non fair weather walking, dog mad, slightly crazy (so I’m told, although I would argue this point!!) keen as mustard, almost redundant mother of 3????!!!!!


One Response to “Doggy dilemna / Canine conundrum!!!”

  1. 2browndawgs December 20, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

    Lucky you to have so many days off.

    Where we go for field training, they also have a kennel. Many times kids in the area who want to work with dogs, say go to school for becoming a vet tech, go there to work and try it out. Many find it isn’t quite as glamorous as it sounds…lol. Better to find out before spending money on school.

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