“Love me love my dog!!!”

25 Nov

A little glassy eyed!!

So on saturday night I had invited some close friends round for supper and a catch up. We all have a few things in common.We all love wine!! We all love chocolate!! We all love a good gossip!! We all love a good laugh ( usually at each others expense! ) and we all love dogs!!  A given surely??When Rudy and Rio were younger these sort of evenings could be quite a challenge to say the least. One or other would need to go outside for a wee but as soon as I shut the door they would throw themselves at it. Then there’s the sniffing. As most of the girls have dogs themselves they prove to be quite an attractive proposition! Then there was the risk of inappropriate behaviour between the dogs ( we wont go any further down that route suffice to say no one knew where to look!! )

Anyhow last night Rudy and Rio were chilled and after an initial period of excitement they settled down. Rio fast asleep on the sofa and Rudy in his usual position under the table hoping for crumbs!! As we ate our dinner and enjoyed the wine the conversation veered between the sensible.. So how is so and so doing at Uni/ in their job / abroad… and the downright stupid…How long is it since you changed your bedding?? Who did you pick for secret santa?? How much chocolate can you eat before you feel sick?? As we got louder and louder all trying to talk at once the dogs would ocasionally open an eye and look at us woefully and when the screaming with laughter started they leapt up from their slumber as if to check we were all ok!!! The laughter got out of hand and soon we all had face ache..literally !!

Trying to steer the conversation to something more serious if only to rest our faces, we talked about how pets mean so much to us. How they are always pleased to see us, greeting us hysterically , whether we have been gone for 10 minutes or several hours. The fact that coming home to an empty house now that lots of our respective children have flown the nest would be so awful. But knowing you have your faithful pet waiting to welcome you makes the whole situation more bearable.

Maybe it’s the fact that a dog’s needs are pretty simple. Your company, a walk every day, food and somewhere to sleep. With people it can get so complicated!! You have to make sure you say and do the right thing, think before you speak, put their needs first, vary the menu, do the laundry, drive them around, clean up after them and put up with their varying moods!!! The title of this blog relates to something Cath told us that had some ( mentioning no names ) literally crying with laughter while others were left nodding sagely and discussing the merits of Countryfile!! Well you know they do a fantastic weather forecast and isn’t Adam Henson on  it???!!!


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