Wo(Mans) best friend

22 Nov

Best friends

As Rudy, Rio and I set off for our lunchtime walk today the wind was really blowing hard, so I knew up on Cleeve Hill it would be wild!!! I wasn’t wrong!! The car park was now completely under water due to the heavy rain this area and many others have been experiencing over the last few days.

There were only 2 other vehicles in the car park, hardy dog walkers or just plain crazy!!! I got out of the car and was nearly blown off my feet!!! As I got the dogs out of the car I pondered my sense in coming up here just to let them have a run around and realised I do it because I love them!! There are not many other things I would step out in this weather to do!!!

Unfortunately it was not the best day to realise I didn’t have my whistle with me!! I attempted one of my own and heard it sail away on the wind, the dogs none the wiser!!! I called to Rudy and he didn’t hear me at all ( I’m sure he wasn’t ignoring me!! )

The ridiculousness of the scene..dogs happy as ever running here, there and everywhere, ears flying madly, having a whale of a time…made me realise what an important place our dogs have in our hearts. Yes Rudy and Rio are “just” pets i.e they don’t work but still I am more than happy to walk them whatever the weather for hours at a time for 2 reasons. 1; They love it. 2; I love it!!! Simple!!!

It’s in here somewhere!!

Other dogs serve a much more useful purpose. There are Guide Dogs for the blind, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and PAWS, dogs trained to help children with Autism.

Dogs are so clever and so happy to do the right thing and just imagine the difference they must make to a blind person. The freedom the dog provides and the opportunity for the blind person to go places and do things previously impossible must forge an incredible bond.

Again hearing dogs for the deaf must be an incredible aid to an easier life for the human, alerting them to the telephone ringing etc and it has been proved that having a dog helps lower stress levels for families with an autistic child.

Dogs really are our best friends and I’m sure if they were human they would do all the right things!! They would always remember our Birthdays and buy the best presents!! They would never moan about us going out with our friends or forget to put the bins out!! They would always insist our bums didn’t look big in that and assure us  that no one would notice the spot in the middle of our chin!!!!

We walked on and I was nearly blown off my feet a few times but watching Rudy and Rio enjoy themselves more than made up for it .


One Response to “Wo(Mans) best friend”

  1. janh1 November 24, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    Aww. They are so cute in that top pic. Dry and angelic!!!

    You going to try some agility with Rio? I think he’d be up for it 🙂

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