Rain stops play?… Never!!!

21 Nov

The calm before the storm

The weather was against me today it seemed!! The drizzle that had persisted all morning started to get slightly heavier as I drove home from work to take Rudy and Rio out. By the time I had changed clothes into Dog Walkers Uniform and the dogs had performed their daily sofa acrobatics to show their excitement levels were reaching boiling point, it was raining properly.

It was only as I pulled into the car park on the hill that it actually became torrential!!! Obviously my nice new shiny waterproof trousers ( sexy I know ) were sitting at home neatly folded and perfectly dry thank you very much!!!

There was nothing for it, I had to get out and walk. As I exited the car my head nearly got blown off, my coat blew back off me thus choking me and the hood whipped up,  toggles slapping  me in the face!! Not altogether the best start!!

Still nothing ventured and all that so I let Rudy and Rio out of the car and off we  ran ( yes all 3 of us as they were still on their leads )  down the path. I let them off and then started to think as I walked bent almost double against the wind…Why do I usually choose the wrong coat to wear ??

You can guarantee if I choose my thick fleecy coat that is not waterproof it will rain and I will get so warm ( think Menopause ) that I nearly faint.

If I choose the thin waterproof , it will rain so heavily that said waterproof will prove that it is in fact only showerproof and leak in patches across my chest ( think Lactating new mothers ).

Then there is the all weather super fleece lined thick waterproof that will indeed keep out gusts of wind but weighs so much I can barely lift it off the coat rack at home. The hood of which while functioning perfectly, flattens my hair completely to my head ( think hard boiled egg).

And don’t even get me started on the fact I have had to wear wellies all summer. I wonder if I will develop webbed feet soon?? Needless to say Rudy and Rio had a fantastic time running everywhere, exploring the gorse bushes, ears flying wildly in the wind , loving every wet windy second!!

Soggy dogs!!


2 Responses to “Rain stops play?… Never!!!”

  1. janh1 November 24, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    I didn’t really want to think “lactating new mothers” but you forced me into it. Somehow, I don’t think Peter Storm will be using that in their marketing campaigns… 😉

    • Jane Parry November 25, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

      No I think u could be right Jan but u know how those coats leak just in the wrong place and it’s not ’til u take it off in a public place and get some funny looks that u realise!!!xx

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