Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!!!

20 Nov

Back last year around this time my friends Cath, Sarah and I set off for a day out at a dog friendly beach in Brean

Rudy & Rio at the beach

with Rudy, Rio and Cath’s lab Fern. We loaded all the dogs into the back of Cath’s car and set off stopping only to get the obligatory “coffee on the go”.

After a while the dogs settled down and stopped sniffing each other, with only the occasional whine of impatience echoing in our ears! We had packed some food because as anyone who knows us will testify we cannot go too long between calories!!

We arrived about an hour and a half later to find a huge expanse of empty beach stretching ahead of us and couldn’t wait to let the dogs out to see the sea for the first time!!

As predicted they went wild chasing around all over the place and going so far from us we could barely see them!!! We walked along the beach with the 3 dogs having a fantastic time frolicking in the water and playing with other dogs we came across.

After a while the food called us so we sat and ate the feast we had brought with us..I’m sure we looked like old ladies on our deckchairs!! That finished we headed off up a killer set of steps that took us on a loop around the headland. There was a sign warning us that goats wandered freely around that area and that near the cliff edge dogs should be kept on a lead for their own safety.

No need for a bucket & spade!!

We heeded the warning and while Fern walked beautifully on her lead, Rudy and Rio did their usual and pulled like trains!! We had quite a distance to walk like this so I did my best to instill some discipline…Ok so I soon realised that was a no go and tried not to let my shoulders dislocate!!

Rudy pulled so much I thought his eyes may actually pop out of his head at one point and the gagging and choking noises certainly seemed to keep other walkers at a distance even when I gave my sweetest smile trying to impress that I was not responsible for this torture!!!

We finally reached the steps to descend back down to the beach and I must admit I worried for my life as the dogs and I stepped over the edge onto that first step. I just hoped the steepness of said steps would slow them down and it did…marginally!!

We made it down in one piece and headed back to the car for more cake!!

All in all we had a fantastic day and I think that heralded my first visit to the Chiropractor!!


2 Responses to “Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!!!”

  1. janh1 November 20, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    Sounds like a good day for all apart from your shoulders, Jane!

    I used to find the most embarrassing thing at the beach was when the dog used to start digging and sending up fountains of sand over some poor family’s picnic!! Apologies all round 🙂

    • Jane Parry November 21, 2012 at 11:39 am #

      Or when they help themselves to some poor unsuspecting family’s sand sandwiches!!!

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