Sudeley walk,Winchcombe

13 Nov

Sudeley Castle Gatehouse

After a few days of excessive free running ( the dogs) and stumbling up hill and down dale ( me) I decided in my infinite wisdom that Rudy and Rio needed a reminder of disciplined ” heel” work and general good manners.

It didn’t really start too promisingly, as while I was getting into Dog Walkers Uniform ( jeans,thick socks, wellies and waterproof ) both dogs were busy doing circuits across the sofas in the front room. Apparently they can leap and almost clear the gap between the sofas without dropping a paw to the ground!! Quite impressive should they ever need to prove themselves at long jump!!!

After the usual kerfuffle to get their leads on I opened the front door. They know not to go through it before me now, the next step being  not to dislocate my shoulder barging towards the car!! So it went something like this…Me  ” Rudy come”  Rudy obliged and so did Rio. So  I  put Rio back in the house. Me  ” Rio come”  Rio came and Rudy shot back into the house!! This was getting beyond a joke and I thought with one more in and one more out we could start the Oakey Cokie!!

Anyway with limited time I decided now they were both out we would head off to Winchcombe. I parked in Vineyard Street ( beautiful) and the dogs dragged me kindly down the road to the field. Hmm this controlled heel work is actually quite hard!!

After they had a good gallop round we headed down the lane towards Sudeley Castle with both dogs pulling happily and me growling, hissing ( yes that does work sometimes!!) and  getting longer arms by the minute!! Not good

We headed up the bank so the dogs could have a run in the wooded area just past the lake and they took off thrilled to be doing their favourite thing… scenting all the beasts that have no doubt been in there during the night. Heads down and tails wagging wildly they soon disappeared from sight.  Good time to practise  their recall work I thought so I blew the whistle and Rudy came back immediately followed not much later by Rio. Great I thought I’ve got this bit cracked and sent them both off again.

A few minutes later and we repeated the exercise and again Rudy whizzed back but this time Rio took a little while longer and had to be whistled again. Still when he finally came back he looked so pleased with himself I didn’t have the heart to point out the timing issues!!!

Time was marching on and I needed to start heading back to the car in the certain knowledge both dogs were going to need washing when we got home as they were by now filthy.

So..the final whistle. Rudy came straight away…Rio the little stinker was nowhere to be seen. Cue me blowing the whistle, calling him ( albeit through gritted teeth with the expletives *** out) and getting madder and madder by the minute!!

A good 2 or 3 minutes later he appears at breakneck speed and skidded to a halt in front of me gathering as much thick mud as possible in between his paws!!  Oh bless I thought…well something like that anyway!!

With speed Usain Bolt would be envious of we rushed home, hosed both dogs down, dried them very quickly and they then permeated the hall with that beautiful wet dog odour that even Febreeze struggles to eliminate for the next couple of hours!!

Oh the joy of owning dogs in the winter!!x

Autumn colours


2 Responses to “Sudeley walk,Winchcombe”

  1. Sarah November 14, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

    Love reading your stories!!!

    • Jane Parry November 14, 2012 at 2:40 pm #

      Oh thanks so much!! Every day is different with Rudy and Rio so keep reading if you can!!

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