Sunday walk after a huge lunch!

11 Nov


Enjoying the sunshine

Sarah and I set off for a post pub lunch walk on Cleeve Hill. So it seemed had most of Cheltenham!! The lane leading to the Quarry car park from the main road was choc a block with cars and as expected the car park itself was packed!!

We both managed  to park eventually and set off towards the front of the hill which overlooks Cheltenham. It’s lucky Rudy and Rio pull like trains as we needed dragging up the bank.. the one time I am grateful for dislocated shoulders!!!

We met lots of other dog walkers and Sarah stopped to take some photos as it was such a beautiful clear day. Rio it appears is a natural model!! Every time Sarah stopped to take a photo he promptly sat in front of her waiting for his paparazzi moment!! Rudy on the other hand being a much more aloof character stood looking into the middle distance, although I have no idea what at!!

We carried on up the main gravel path towards the pylons where we watched a guy attached to a sort of skateboard whilst holding onto a giant kite..he just seemed to travel backwards and forwards across the hill and occasionally leapt in the air lifted by the kite? Hmm somehow don’t think I will be taking that up as a hobby anytime soon!!

Heading back towards the “Witches” tree ( Think Nanny McPhee) the dogs were loving the gorse bushes, tails wagging frantically and only coming out now and then to see where we were.

It was such a clear day we could see for miles, all across Leckhampton, Cheltenham, Bishops Cleeve and in the distance the Malverns and the Welsh Mountains. It really is such a special place and great for being alone to think and plan and generally put the world to rights!!

It started to get dark really quickly so we made our way back towards the car, feeling much better for stretching our legs and helping the lovely roast and pud (oops) go down. I reckon only another 5 or 6 miles needed to counteract it!!! Hmm maybe tomorrow . .


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