Welcome to the crazy world of Cockers!

10 Nov

Me and my 2 Cockers

Hello I’m Jane and I LOVE dogs!!

I have decided to try and write a blog which will be entertaining, informative but not too serious!!

I have 3 children who are mostly grown up and flying the nest rapidly so my 2 dogs are my company now. they keep me sane ( hmm some would argue that point!!), they keep me fit (to drop!) and most of all they are really good fun!!

I live on the edge of the Cotswolds so we are surrounded by some fantastic countryside which the 3 of us love to explore.

I have 2 working Cocker Spaniels. Rudy is 2 and a half & is a rich red colour, although his pedigree states he is golden and Rio is 18 months and is gold in colour with a pedigree stating he is lemon and white!! Is nothing simple with Spaniels??!!

I have come to realise Spaniels are not like other dogs and that they need training in a different way. This has provided me with some amazing highs and some equally horrendous lows..more of which later!!

I hope if you love dogs as much as I do you will enjoy following this blog!


One Response to “Welcome to the crazy world of Cockers!”

  1. janh1 November 12, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    Yay – you are blogging about my two favourite dogs in the world!!

    Nice one – look forward to many tails of training and naughtiness and fox poo around the neck… :-))) Not you, Rio, actually, but who knows, one day you may get the urge… 😉

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