Murphy’s Law

10 Nov

Beautiful Cocker similar to Murphy

Again today the sun was shining so I raced home to take Rudy & Rio out at lunchtime. Cleeve hill seemed appealing again so after a quick change (me) and much leaping around the furniture (them) we set off with great excitement.
When we arrived at the car park I saw a friend just setting off down the path with her beautiful chocolate Sprocker Murphy. We have met on numerous occasions and I have always loved seeing Murphy running alongside my 2. They make a lovely colour palette!!! Very autumnal!! Anyway Rudy felt he had to assert himself so pulled himself up to his full height (about the same as Murphy) and all his hackles went up while he strutted around!! Poor Murphy looked quite put out and after a few minutes they were all fine again.
We basically did the same walk again and didn’t really see anyone else as we walked at some speed.. I’m sure Murphy’s owner must be fitter than me as she wasn’t puffing and blowing like I was going uphill!! It was lovely to have some company and as we haven’t seen each other for almost a year we had plenty to catch up on.
On the way back to the car we saw 2 dogs..I think they were French Bulldogs but I’m not sure.  They came rushing at us at about 90 miles an hour to have a go at our lot and especially Murphy. It always amazes me that the owners of aggressive dogs always claim that they are “just playing” or they “don’t mean it” or today’s version “he has small dog syndrome”!!! Well Renee and Winstone let’s hope you grow out of it before we see you again!
Anyway other than that little hiccup it was a lovely if brief walk and clean dogs! Amazing considering most of the summer has been spent hosing them down after every walk which can’t be pleasant but they tolerate it albeit with 1 back leg held high in the air trying to get away from the freezing cold water… still their coats always look shiny.. guess it’s cos they’re worth it!!

One Response to “Murphy’s Law”

  1. janh1 November 12, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    Funny innit, I know some men with “small dog syndrome” 🙂 I want a chocca-sprocca!

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