First training session

10 Nov
I decided earlier in the year that i needed expert guidance and help to get the most out of Rudy and Rio. I heard of Jeremy Organ form Southam, Springer Spaniel breeder, judge and all round spaniel lover. Needless to say, things didnt go according to plan, read on to find out why…..
Well the 1st lesson was good!!!
We arrived,he came out asked about dogs who were still in boot. He then said right let’s get one out and get started. I suggested Rudy first as he is more awkward!!  Rudy obliged by jumping straight out of the boot after being told to wait and kindly started to round up the guy’s prize chickens in their coup on the drive!!!
I think that set the general tone of things to come!! Of course despite me calling him he was struck temporarily deaf !!! The guy was totally unfazed though and held Rio while I got Rudy back.
So we walked..(well he walked and I of course was dragged at full sprint speed)..through to the enclosed field. We got there and Jeremy says “shall we begin with some heel work??!! I can help you sort that out!!”  I nearly kissed him but decided I would probably want to go for a return lesson so not the best idea!!  And obviously I looked very glam in the Dog Walker’s Uniform of wellies,jeans and anorak!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So he takes Rudy and starts to walk him round changing directions every time he pulls and a sharp jerk of the lead to show him what he wanted. Rude was typically quite horrified at having his Pheasant hunting interrupted with something sensible!!  Every time Jeremy stopped Rudy had to stop and sit. He found this shall we say quite challenging!!  Much growling and stamping of feet (by Jeremy) and much looking at me for help (by Rude) later he started to get the hang of it. Jeremy says Rudy is very stubborn.
However he started to look like a different dog after a while and then it was my turn. I expected it all to go horribly wrong but mostly it was really good,except I used wrong tone of voice sometimes but apparently I have a good growl!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hmm not altogether sure that was a compliment!!!
After a while it was Rio’s turn. I told Jeremy he was completely different dog and quite biddable. So of course he dragged me through to field gagging and choking on the end of the lead too!!! Well I figure I have to give Jeremy something to work with!!!  Anyway as expected Rio picked it all up much quicker and was fairly easy,but Jeremy says obviously my biggest challenge will be walking them both properly at the same time.
I told him my dream was to have them walking on the split lead to heel. He said ok thats achievable so we will work towards that.
The lesson lasted about hour and a quarter and both beasts were shattered when we got home
After he had finished laughing at some of my mistakes he said he had really enjoyed the lesson!!  He then went on to explain he had taught two other lessons before me and was just at wilting point and wished he could just sit down with a cuppa but we were due.  However he said it had been very entertaining…not altogether sure that was a good thing either!!! But we did have a laugh and I look forward to next time.
So off home at lunchtime to practise !!!  He suggested each dog did about 15 mins as they have to really concentrate and then they can have some play time. He says it’s fine to carry on with their normal fun walks just try to incorporate some recalls etc at the same time.
Am hoping for a gold star next time (a buttercup picked from the field apparently!!) however we may end up with the dunce’s hat!!!!!
More next time x

One Response to “First training session”

  1. janh1 November 12, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    You got that gold star yet? 😉 Might have to wait until Spring for the buttercup.

    Last time I saw Rio, I was so impressed with the way you have *all* his attention now. You can do anything you like with that boy. Advanced training? Get cracking! 🙂

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