Cleeve Hill

10 Nov

Cleeve Hill overlooking Cheltenham Racecourse

Wednesday 7th November

So today the sun was actually shining and the rain stayed away!! As i sat in the office I couldn’t wait to get home at lunchtime to whizz Rudy and Rio out and decided as it was such a beautiful day I would go up on the hill. I dashed home to change into Dog Walker’s Uniform…Wellies, dirty jeans and waterproof and set off with 2 very over excited dogs.

Obviously the 1st thing I forgot was the traffic lights in Winchcombe so I sat there for a few minutes with Rio whining pitifully in the back of the car!! That dog is so impatient!! Anyhow we arrived at the flooded car park and set off. The dogs dragging me as fast as caninely possible to the path so I could let them off the leads avoiding as many Golfers as possible. It’s odd but I have found that for the most part Golfers don’t tend to share my love of manic dogs running wildly showing their appreciation for our fine countryside!

Strange… As we walked along one path I saw a big dog coming towards us and my 2 went to have a sniff and greet said dog. As we got closer and the wind was lashing against me and whipping my hair into a frenzy I noticed the dog’s owner was well…rather tasty actually!!! “Afternoon” he said and I screeched something inane back above the roar of the wind and wondered yet again why some people always look effortlessly glam while I just look …like a dog walker!!! A mess!!! So we got to the end of the path and made the decision to head up a goat track on the side of the hill, me leaning towards the safety of the bank and away from certain death (ok I am exaggerating but only slightly!!) and the dogs as usual running at 100 miles per hour. I noticed they were head down and bum in the air trying to out do each other looking down rabbit holes! Tails wagging the whole time pushing each other out of the way and I was grateful for Rio’s undocked extremely long tail which I was planning on pulling him back out with should he get stuck!!

By now time was running out and so we headed back to the car much to their disappointment. On the way home we passed a lady walking a black cocker with a lead attached to her waist so she was hands free. Good idea I thought ’til I imagined my 2 pulling me over within about 20 seconds!! Oh well back to the drawing board. x


One Response to “Cleeve Hill”

  1. Beaumont House March 7, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    I love the trails around Cheltenham and the views are truly amazing. Some of the Cheltenham Hotels are true luxury of what they have to offer.

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